"Sparkling" Rhinestone Care

Please take into consideration that everyone's washing machine is different. Below is our recommended care instructions.  

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you handwash only rhinestone garments in cold water! Use very little soap, rinse thoroughly. Machine washing even on gentle cycle may ruin the rhinestones. Many newer washing machines have aggressive spin cycles which can spin the stones right off of a garment, or cause them to snag. Hang to dry away from any heat source or direct sunlight. DO NOT USE BLEACH or vinegar! Bleach will damage rhinestone glue. Treat any stains being careful not to get the chemicals onto the rhinestones. These chemicals will damage the glue holding the rhinestones. Hang the garment to dry. DO NOT place rhinestones in a hot dryer! The heat and tumbling action of the dryer will damage the glue and cause your rhinestones to get caught on other items in the load. NEVER iron or let an iron touch rhinestone areas. The heat WILL melt the glue loosening the rhinestones!